Easy Nail Design – Two Toned Nail Polish

Product provided. I finally got my pumpkin and managed to get my front door decorated. The leaves are changing colors, and I can feel the fall in the air.  Two-toned nail polish is an easy nail design you can do to celebrate fall.  Read all the way to the end for my trick to get […]

Fall Wedding Ideas

Fall weddings can be truly breathtaking. A white dress against the reds, oranges and golds of the autumn leaves can make for a gorgeous photograph. Fall is one of the most favorite times of the year for planning a wedding. Menu ideas, fall flowers, dresses, location and more! There are so many fall wedding ideas to […]

Best Fall Nail Polish for Fair Skin

I love wearing fall nail polish colors, but it can be a challenge to find the best fall nail polish for fair skin. Fall nail polish colors tend to include red, orange, yellow, brown, and other earth tones. Those colors aren’t always flattering for someone with fair skin. Best Fall Nail Polish for Fair Skin […]

Must Have Period Survival Kit

This post has been sponsored by Lunchbox. There are some times of the month that you just need a little bit of extra help to make it through the day. You know what I mean? You wake up with cramps. You have that nagging pain in the back of your eye that you know is […]

Halloween Costumes Inspired by Movies

I love Halloween but it can be a challenge coming up with a different idea each year. I love classic Halloween costumes and Halloween costumes inspired by movies are always a big hit. I don’t want to have to spend hours sewing something by hand. I just don’t have the time and or the patience. […]

Where Fame Meets Fashion – Irina Shabayeva

My daughter is a theater art major at college. She has always had a passion (and talent) for theater and music. While she enjoyed acting in plays when she was younger, she has found her true passion is behind the scenes. You’ll find her stringing lights, working on makeup and wardrobe, and running the soundboard. […]

How to Care for Aging Skin

Do you still have the same skin care routine that you did when you were in high school? Are you still using the same types of products? The chances are that as you’ve aged, you have changed the skin care products and your skin care routine at least a few times. Learning how to care […]

How to Make Eyeshadow Brighter

Do you know how to make eyeshadow brighter? My daughter has a passion for bright, vibrant makeup that stands out. I’m more of a fan of neutrals and pastels. So when she was learning to apply her makeup we had to figure out how to make eyeshadow brighter so that it would stand out more. […]

Sauna Tips and Tricks

Winter will be here before you know it, and I know how rough the cold winter air is to my skin. Enjoying time in a sauna can not only ease away those aches and pains, but it can also do wonders for your skin. If you aren’t regularly using a sauna, you may want to […]

How to Remove Halloween Makeup

Dressing up for Halloween can be so much fun. I love pretending to be someone or something that I’m not. Dressing up, face paint. It’s all part of the Halloween fun for many people. I remember when the kids were younger what a challenge it was to remove the face paint before bed. How to […]

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