Best Way to Remove Sunscreen

Best way to remove sunscreen and prevent clogged pores

You finally got to spend the day at the beach with the kids (or without) and you come home, covered in sand and tacky from your sunscreen. You might think that hopping in the shower with a bar of soap is the best way to remove sunscreen. Here’s why you might be wrong. Best Way […]

Dry Shave Without Razor Burn

How to dry shave without razor burn

I generally shave while I’m in the bath but every now and then I need to dry shave because I’m pressed for time and want to wear shorts or capris instead of my jeans. Normally, when I dry shave I end up with red, itchy bumps and razor burn. This is definitely NOT an attractive […]

Easy Patriotic Eyeshadow

Easy patriotic eyeshadow

I’ll admit that I’m more at home in pinks and neutrals but for the 4th of July, I really wanted to show my patriotic pride with an easy patriotic eyeshadow look. The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays and since we generally go to my parent’s house to watch the parade, I […]

Celestial Fashion: Fall 2015 Runway Trend

Celestial Fashion Trends for fall 2015

It’s rare that you’ll see me sporting the latest runway trends.  While I certainly add a few pieces here and there, full out runway looks aren’t really popular here in small town Vermont. That doesn’t mean that I don’t admire them. When I learned about the Fall 2015 runway trend of celestial fashion, I was […]

How to Care for your Converse

How to care for your Converse

I love shoes (if you haven’t figured that out yet). If you look in my closet, you’ll see everything from athletic shoes to heels to cowboy boots. While I love to shop, I’m trying to take care of what I have to make it last longer. Since I have several pairs of Converse shoes that […]

Summer 2015 Beauty Trends – Sun Kissed Glow

Summer 2015 Beauty Trends - Sun Kissed Glow

Move over winter matte colors. The sun kissed glow is one of the most popular summer 2015 beauty trends. Summer is the perfect time to tie your hair up in a pony tail and head to the beach. While we can’t all achieve that effortless sun kissed glow by relaxing on the beach all day, […]

Argan Oil for Acne

Benefits of argan oil for acne

Argan oil for acne? I know what you’re thinking. “How does adding more oil to your skin help prevent acne?” When we were younger, acne was primarily caused by hormones and an increase in production of oil in your glads. Acne can also be caused by medication, genetics, some cosmetics and even stress. So, how […]

Easy Nail Designs with a Sponge

Easy nail designs with a sponge

So you know how you go on Pinterest and search for easy nail designs and nothing you try actually looks like it’s supposed to? Either I am horrible at doing nail art of their idea of easy is drastically different than mine.  I really wanted to make one of the designs I found on Pinterest […]

Zoya Paradise Sun 2015

Zoya Paradise Fun 2015 - Mae

Zoya came out with two new collections during the summer of 2015. The Zoya Island Fun and the Zoya Paradise Sun 2015. I shared with you before about all of the Zoya Island Fun colors and now it’s time to share the Zoya Paradise Sun 2015 collection with you. Product has been provided for this […]

How to Smooth Rough Skin on Feet

How to smooth rough skin on feet

Sandal weather is finally here again and I’ve noticed that my feet need a little bit of attention before I feel completely confident in my sandals. After a long winter wearing thick socks and boots, I’ve noticed some rough spots that aren’t that attractive. Thankfully, learning how to smooth rough skin on feet and even […]