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My Style | Comfortable Stylish Winter Boots

My Style | Comfortable Stylish Winter Boots

I’m not a big fan of winter. Yes, I know. I live in Vermont. I should like the snow. I should ski or build snowmen or have snow ball fights. But, I don’t. I go from my warm house to my warm car to a warm building and then reverse the process to go home. […]

Mascara Comparison | Mascara Reviews

Mascara Reviews | Mascara Comparison

Mascara is the one thing I won’t leave the house without putting on. My eyelashes are very short and sparse and just completely disappear without a good coat of mascara. I’ve tried dozens of different types of mascara. I’ve tried drug store and upscale brands. I’ve tried different wands and different colors. I’ve tried volumizing, […]

DIY Pampering Gifts | Gifts for Busy Women

DIY Pampering Gifts | Gifts for Busy Women

DIY pampering gifts are the most fun to put together. Shopping for things to put in Mason jar packages is sort of like hunting for a buried treasure. I look for all sorts of little trinkets that will fit inside a Mason jar and then tie the whole thing with a bow or ribbon. Finding […]

Winter Skin Care Routine | Healthy Skin Tips

Winter Skin Care Routine | Healthy Skin Tips

Winter is here and our furnace runs all the time. I have packed away all of my cute sandals and short sleeved shirts. I’ve brought out my winter boots and switched my wardrobe back to jewel tones rather than pastels. It’s not just my outfits that change during the winter. I switch to my winter […]

Glossybox November 2014 Box

Glossybox November 2014 box

It’s always a good day when the latest Glossybox arrives! The Glossybox November 2014 box is absolutely amazing! If you’re not familiar with Glossybox, it’s a once a month beauty subscription box service that brings you only the very best premium brands. You’ll never find any drug store or discount brands in this box. This […]

Always Discreet #PeeHappens Twitter Party! 11/20 at 4pm ET

Always Discreet Twitter Party

November is National Bladder Awareness Month. Did you know that over 40 million American women over the age of 40 are effected by a sensitive bladder?  That’s a nice way of talking about incontinence because you know it’s a problem that’s hard to talk about – at least it is for me. Always Discreet #PeeHappens […]

Laura Mercier Mini Lip Glace Collection & Holiday Ideas

Laura Mercier Mini Lip Glace Collection in Nudes

Holiday parties, kisses underneath the mistletoe, a sexy little black dress.  All these things mean one thing – it’s time for new lip gloss! After all, when all eyes are on me, I want my lips to have that little pop of color, sparkle and shine. Thankfully, the Laura Mercier Mini Lip Glace Collection has what […]

Color Correction Foundation | Osmosis CC Cream

When I first heard a friend talk about a color correction foundation, I had no idea what she was talking about. Didn’t all foundation correct your color? You might think so, but they really don’t. Traditional foundations cover up your skin. They hide imperfections like acne and scars and give you a blank slate to […]

Cruelty Free Perfume | Harvey Prince Temptress Perfume

Cruelty Free Perfume | Harvey Prince Temptress Perfume

I feel like it’s a constant struggle to find products that are safe for the earth while still keeping up with my fashion and beauty ideals. I love pampering myself with quality scents and cosmetics but I want my footprint to be as small as it can be at the same time. What’s a woman […]

Zoya Entice Collection

Zoya Entice Collection Veronica

The cold weather is definitely here now and I’ve packed away all of my summer clothes. The leaves are almost all off the trees and there’s frost every morning when I go out. I brought out all of my favorite fall shirts so I’ve been enjoying the plums, navy blues and darker colors now that […]