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Beauty Subscription Boxes | Glossybox October 2014

The Glossybox October 2014 box has truly outdone itself! I know I’ve raved over their beauty subscription boxes before (and with good cause) but this month is really amazing. It had two of my favorite brands in it (both cosmetics) PLUS one of the yummiest smelling fragrances I have ever smelled. Beauty Subscription Boxes | […]

Wardrobe Makeover Contest

Who wouldn’t love to have a wardrobe makeover? I know I would. Just imagine opening up your closet one day & seeing all new clothes in all your favorite styles from your favorite designers. What would you pick? Would you go with a totally new look or pick a few styles you already like? I […]

Emergency Beauty Kit | Beauty Products for Over 40

Emergency Beauty Kit | Beauty Products for Over 40

Having an emergency beauty kit can be all that stands between me and a hot mess. There are just some days you need a little bit of backup just in case. We’ve all been there. You’re just going to run the kids to the bus stop really fast. No need to really do your face […]

Short Hairstyles for Women | Evening Look

Short Hairstyles for Women | Evening Look

I don’t need an evening look all that often. Like most busy women, most of the time I’m at work or dealing with family things. When I do go out at night, I’m generally shopping and that doesn’t really call for an evening look. I keep my hair short because it’s easiest to care for […]

No Holes Belt with Style

No Holes Belt with Style

A belt from Mission Belt is more than a no holes belt with style. It’s a mission to give back. Mission Belt Company is a socially responsible company with a mission to give back with each belt they sell. Their focus is to help people break out of the poverty cycle.  They work with Kiva, […]

Good Earth Beauty

How to choose natural & organic beauty products - Good Earth Beauty

Finding natural beauty products can be a challenge for me. Our food co-op has a selection of natural soaps but that’s all.   When I want to find natural beauty products, I need to search online from stores like Good Earth Beauty.  Good Earth Beauty is a natural and organic, cruelty free beauty shop that […]

Finding the Best Deals on Fashion

How to find the best deals on fashion and beauty

I love to shop and with two teenagers, I shop not only for me but also for them. We all love wearing the latest fashions and have favorite designer names we look for. That doesn’t mean I have an unlimited budget so finding the best deals on fashion is important. None of us wants to […]

10 Modest Halloween Costumes for Women over 40

If some of the Halloween costumes make you shudder at how much skin they show, you aren’t alone. Necklines plunge too low and hemlines rise too high. Slits in the skirts make me want to wear a pair of pants underneath most of the Halloween costumes I find in the store. I think that stores […]

8 Steps to Keep Your Makeup Looking Natural

Do you look in the mirror in the morning and hate the way you look? I know I do. Being unhappy with my complexion and the way I looked was one of the reasons that I first started wearing makeup. Years of rosacea and non-existant eyelashes definitely don’t make for a gorgeous look for me. […]

Fashionista Giveaway: Olivia & Joy Handbag

Are you ready for loads of fun? The Socialite’s Closet is thrilled to be part of the 2014 Fall Fashionista Events Giveaway running from October 9th to October 17th.  The Fall Fashionista Giveaway Event is hosted by The Chief Blonde at Still Blonde After All These Years and Katy from ModlyChic.  All Fashion! Only FASHION event! Largest Fashion Giveaway […]